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Ardesca (Är . des´ . kah) : from the Latin ardesco -ere [to take fire]; of bright objects [to glitter]; of passions [to become inflamed].

Photo by Roy Turnage
The Fyrae Ardesca is always partly in the spirit realm -- an Emissary for the non-corporeal energies. She is the color that burns behinds your eyes when you look directly into the sun... the flame between two lovers as they beat each other to exhaustion.

The invocation of Ardesca is an ordeal that her priestess has not chosen to reveal.

Ceremonial Animals(s): Owl
Associated/Confused/Merged with Legends of: Lilith, Astarte, Medb

So, my lovelies, you come seeking the secrets of the flame? To kindle the fire of passion one must walk through the flames of fear, awaken the primal force within, and resurrect what is left after life's arms have beaten and cursed mortality. Then you know passion's kiss...Can you meet the ardent gaze?

-- Ardesca