Fire Eating . Fire Torture . Fire Breathing . Fire Chains (Poi) . Fire Katana

Bocais do Fogo (Bók . ahsh´ .. fógh): Portugese. A mysterious meaning... like its bearer.

The Fyrae now known as Bocais do Fogo fell in the region of the world known, then, as Galicia... the original home of the Celts. Some say that the Chapel of the Bones in Evora, Portugal (originally part of Galicia) was inspired by his presence, for he is the Engineer of Death... and the peace that comes from surrendering the fears of Death. One who meditates through the essence of Bocais do Fogo intends and hopes to develop a sense of identity strong enough to face down death, and the fear that attends upon it.

Invocation of Bocais do Fogo by his priest is accomplished by isolation, sensory deprivation and a manifestation of a fearful form and presence, including a crown of skulls and antlers. The priest surrounds himself with the Dead and they guide him to their Fyrae... in his carefully constructed Domain just outside this dimension.

Ceremonial Animals(s): Wolf, Raven, Buffalo
Associated/Confused/Merged with Legends of: Arawn (Celtic Lord of the Underworld), Manannán Mac Lir (Ferryman of the Dead), St. Odren of Galicia, Yamantaka (the Bodhisattva who ends death), Anubis, Xoxotl (Aztec Guide of the Dead)

When I spin the fire, breathe the fire, take it into my body... it enmeshes me completely and I go to a place of serenity. Would you like to join me in this Fiery Sea of Tranquility? Would you die from such an act, you ask... it matters not. We shall meditate while bathed in flames. We shall become fearsome enough to face down Death. Life and Death are but Illusions created for the Earth.

-- Bocais do Fogo