Fyrae does:

Fire Eating - Performers extinguish flaming torches in their mouths, hold torches in their teeth, light their tongues and mouths on fire and feed flames to each other.

Fire Breathing - Fyrae members blow huge blasts of flame, sometimes reaching up two stories high! Extra-huge fireballs are achieved when two or more fire breathers combine their forces.

Fire Chains (Poi) - Daring performers spin fiery balls on chains around themselves in mesmerizing patterns. Bellydance and modern dance moves plus martial arts forms are combined with the spectacle of fire to produce an entrancing effect.

Fire Staff - Performers twirl 6-foot staffs, flaming at both ends. Our fire staff spinners are trained martial artists and dancers, and they bring strength and grace to this art form.

Fire Fingers Bellydance - Dancers move in serpentine fashion while manipulating torches on each finger. The effect is powerful.

Flaming Sword Bellydance - Dancers balance burning swords on their heads while performing sensual and graceful dance moves, in a combination of discipline and beauty.

Flaming Urn Bellydance - A two-foot flame blazes from the center of an urn balanced on a dancer's head. Undaunted by the fire, she holds it in her hands and dances with it like a partner, or places it on the ground and bathes her hands in the flames.

Fire Torture - They seem immune to the effects of fire! The members of Fyrae run burning torches over themselves and each other, transferring flames with their hands and across their skin from one torch to another.

Fire Chain Whip - A martial artist takes this ancient Chinese fighting form to a new place as he wraps, whips, whirls and leaps over and under a chain whip of fire.

Fire Sword - A swordfighter explores the patterns and power possible with a sword of flame. Myriad fighting styles are combined with experience in stage combat to produce a spellbinding performance.