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Flammoria (Flam . mor´ . ee . ah) : from the Latin flamma -ae (n. - feminine) [a flame , blazing fire; the fire or glow of passion; devouring flame] and oris (1) [the mouth, opening, source]; (2) [the face, presence, boldness of expression, impudence].

Flammoria is the Sorceress... the Fyrae to whom you call in order to comprehend Mystery and view the Truth. Be careful for that which you ask... Seekers of Truth will discover It. Your own soul will be laid open like a frog on a dissection tray and you may not like what you see.

Flammoria in her true form appears as a softly glowing female form in murky darkness, like an upwelling of lava in the depths of the ocean, which has cooled its outer shell but is still molten inside. Adornments of deep sea red coral, like jewelry, have wreathed about her neck and wrists and ankles. Tube worms grow about her feet, swaying in the currents, basking in the warmth of hydrothermal vents, and appearing like an unearthly skirt of serpents (some identify Flammoria with the Aztec Goddess Coatlicue, which means "Skirt of Snakes"... others say the tube worms remind them of Kali's skirt of severed human arms). Life forms of the deep trenches, evolving and mutating in her heat, crown her head with tentacles... which appear as snaky hair flowing in the ocean currents.

She is the patron of those who embrace their own Truth, unashamedly, and those who seek knowledge no matter what the price -- bravely facing the darkness in the secret warm places within themselves. Call on Flammoria to discover the depths of knowledge about a situation, a person, or yourself.

Flammoria's priestess is not exactly secretive about the invocation rituals, but she only gives clues to the location of knowledge, rather than providing the answers up front... so we only know pieces... that there is use of the color crimson... offerings to moray eels, especially of one´s own blood... offerings of salt, salt water, tequila, blood, blood in tequila, silver jewelry with opaque crimson stones, especially coral. We do know that deep, dark warm places are sacred to Flammoria so rituals are performed in underwater volcanic caves -- but also warm subway tunnels, basement boiler rooms, geothermal crevices, hydrothermal vents, deep sea "smokers", ocean floor hot springs, deep sea rift valleys, etc. Reefs of red coral. The Puerto Rico Trench area (where she fell). Search for places where the ocean floor has lava slowly oozing from it and strange creatures evolve in the salty warmth and watery darkness... that is where you may encounter Flammoria.

Ceremonial Animals(s): Lamprey, Moray Eel, Tube Worms, Anenomes
Associated/Confused/Merged with Legends of: Leviathan, Coatlicue, Kali

Do you have the courage? Do you? To snap my ribs, eat my heart, and exist with me roaring like a conflagration through your veins... your hunger for change now a constant ache?

You do?

Then come here. Now.

-- Flammoria