Fire Staff . Fire Breathing . Fire Eating . Fire Fan . Fire Torture . Flaming Sai Blades

Ikarios . kah´ . ree . oss) : from the Greek ikaros "follower [of fire]"

There are some who say that when asleep, the Fyrae Ikarios appears as solid as a white marble statue... stone... But once awakened he may spread out his wings and take on the form of a pillar of light and fire, bringing fear and awe to those who gaze upon it. The light seems as soft as the moon's reflection on the ocean, and while it may beautiful to gaze upon, do not stare for too long... or you may end up tempting fate and looking into his eyes.

It takes great courage and sublime meditation for Ikarios' priest to invoke him. One can almost see the great wings descend into the invoker's body, which glows with an eldritch blue and silver flame as Ikarios enters and turns his ruthless and clear gaze upon the World.

Ceremonial Animals(s): Monarch Butterfly, Mako Shark
Associated/Confused/Merged with Legends of: Lucifer, Icarus, Quetzalcoatl, Shiva

Do not ask a question of me unless you have no fear of Truth. Gaze into my eyes and see the Inferno, itself... allow me to entrance you. Once you are in my burning embrace there are no options save Love or Destruction. But to love me is to know inspiration, ecstasy, passion and prophecy. Is that not worth the risk?

-- Ikarios