Sites we like:

Flâm Chën: Incredible internationally known Fire Troupe in Tucson, Arizona

The Burn Syndicate: Online Fire Arts Zine -- great articles for staging and group dynamics

Home of Poi: The best resource for new firebugs

Dubé: Where we buy the wicking that keeps us ticking

Domba and Bedouin Tribe: Ignacia, Ardesca, Flammoria and Dulcendia teach, dance and play music with them!

The Domba Bollywood Team Tribe: Flammoria is also a Bollywood Fanatic (and teacher)

Glaistig: She makes the site

Leap: They made our logo!

Pyromancer: The home page of one of our original inspirations and teachers

Strive Dreams/ThoughtCrime: Where dwell many fellow Phoenix Fire Addicts, including the spectacular Culte de Feu

Paris Burning: Ikarios' other project, an incredible band with a darkly romantic soul

Yuko Yabuki: Our friend and neighbor - an amazing visual artist

The Goddess Garden: We wear their jewelry!

Sigh Co. Graphics: We wear their shirts!

Pele: She's our friend and inspiration

and, of course, our livejournals...
Fyrae LJ Community
Flammoria, aka glaistig
Ikarios, aka 13dreams
Salamandre, aka silverarm
Bocais do Fogo, aka nipsahoy
Muricento, aka lizrdking24
Venatarsi, aka trishnamurti
Zhegovoi, aka river93
Ardesca, aka er... ardesca
Dulcendia, aka um... dulcendia