Fire Chain Whip . Fire Eating . Fire Breathing . Flaming Sai Swords . Fire Katana

Salamandre (Sal . ah . mon´ . druh) : from Old French salamandre (n.) (1) [A mythical creature, generally resembling a lizard, believed capable of living in or withstanding fire]; (2) [In the occult philosophy of Paracelsus, a being having fire as its element].

He moves through flame as if it were water. He wields the fire chain whip with the ease and precision of a martial artist... and with the elemental passion of a creature of the conflagration. Salamandre is unique among the Fyrae in that he was created via the energy of their Fall. He is feral and ruthless in his studies of Earth, fascinated by humans and how they function... he needs to exercise great self-control in order to move among them without showing his true nature.

It is not know how Salamandre's Priest invokes this Fyrae, perhaps because the rituals are rumored to be of an... intimate nature.

Ceremonial Animals(s): Salamander, Lizard
Associated/Confused/Merged with Legends of: Beelzebub, Fire Salamanders, Fire Elementals, Incubi

I am the unbroken loop, no end without another beginning. Quench a fire, and another will spring up elsewhere. So long as there is flame, I shall endure. In the flickering candle or the heart of a star, I shall endure. If but one heart beats with passion, I shall be there.

I feed on your passion. I drink your desires. Your secrets are sweet honey to me.

-- Salamandre