Fire Chains (Poi) . Flaming Hooked Blades . Fire Nunchakus . Fire Eating . Fire Torture

Venatarsi (Vee . nah . tar´ . see) : from the Latin venatio -onis (n. - feminine) [the chase, hunting; game -- venatrix being a huntress] and arsi v. [to burn , glow, be on fire]; of bright objects, [to gleam]; of feeling (esp. of love), [to burn, smart]; of political disorder, [to be ablaze].

Photo by Tony DeForest
Venatarsi is the Huntress of Enlightenment and Peace. She has seen many battles and carries with her the wounding and anguish that accompanies war. As a result, her body is burned, bruised, and scarred. She rides into combat atop a lion's back. One of her manifestations has ten arms, the better to carry her sacred symbols and weapons: a bow and arrows, a hooked blade, nunchackus, a sword, a crescent moon, a dove, a sri yantra, a lotus flower, a serpent, and a torch. Her motive for battle is to extinguish the suffering of all children and animals, but she often digresses from her main objective and succumbs to fits of rage, attacking at will.

The Priestess invokes Venatarsi's Fyrae by drawing a circle on the ground and placing the five symbols and five weapons upon it. Entering the nexus of the circle, the Priestess spins and dances herself into an ecstatic state. As she spins the circle will erupt into a ring of fire, completely engulfing the Priestess... and then Venatarsi emerges.

Ceremonial Animals(s): Lion, Chimaera
Associated/Confused/Merged with Legends of: Durga (Hindu), Artemis (Greek), Inanna (Sumerian)

Governments lie and grow corrupt, societies prattle and become decadent. I believe in the innocence of children and animals, for true enlightenment can only spring from purity of motive. You say your lust for me is pure? Do not tempt my ire. I have been fighting for this for far too long...

-- Venatarsi