Fire Staff . Fire Eating . Fire Torture

Zhegovoi - in the Cyrillic alphabet: - (Jay . go´ . voy) : from the Old Russian zhegor (v.) [burn, burning] and voi (n.) [war, battle].

Photo by Industrial Discord
Zhegovoi is the Warrior for the People. His motivation seems to be to restore a sense of honor, sincerity and dignity to humans. Research is still being conducted about the nature of this Fyrae, but he is rumored to have Fallen in the part of Asia now occupied by Siberia and/or Mongolia.

The rites performed by Zhegovoi's Priest have always been performed in seclusion, and so we may only guess about the trials and ceremonies involved...

Ceremonial Animals(s): Falcon
Associated/Confused/Merged with Legends of: The Kelek spirits of Siberia (Chukchi People), The bird-ancestors of the Siberian Orochi People, Mongolian Iron Warrior tales.

Did I hear you say you wish to quench our flames? I shall resist you with all that I have, so that even if you extinguish me I shall still be victorious in Spirit.

-- Zhegovoi