Fyrae is a Visionary Pyromantic Performance Art Experience.
The mysterious beings known as The Fyrae join forces to take you on a spiritual journey of redemption through fire - a symbolic invocation of both the infernal and the divine. A Fyrae performance is a multi-disciplined orchestration of bellydance, martial arts and fire manipulation set to an intoxicating mix of Egyptian club music, Bhangra, Techno-Industrial and Future Pop.

The Fyrae communicate their message through their arts using fire chains, fire staffs, fire chain whips, fire fans, flaming cauldrons and fire swords and daggers of all varieties... fire eating and breathing... as well as bathing their flesh in the flame itself. Their intricate choreography is both sensual and kinetic - an elemental exhibition designed to inflame passions and free minds.

Fyrae is an otherworldly visitation of flame-kissed daring and grace.

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or one of the following humans for bookings...
Ellisha 480.227.8078 ellisha@fyrae.com
Samantha 602.703.2815 samantha@fyrae.com